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        Computershare > Corporate Trust Services > Mortgage-Backed Securities


        From its inception in 1987, Computershare, through its predecessor companies, has served as the exclusive central payor and transfer agent (CPTA) for the National Housing act's (NHA) mortgage-backed securities program – the only such program in Canada. We have since issued in excess of 13,000 mortgages pools in Canada.

        With a securitized portfolio of more than $679 billion and over $1.8 trillion in outstanding debt under administration, Computershare has an unparalleled experience base for trustee and agency services in the Canadian securitization market.

        With a warehouse of more than 250,000 mortgages valued at over $170 billion, Computershare is the largest Title Custodian service provider in the Canadian MBS industry.


        Integrated and comprehensive CPTA services to all mortgage-backed securities issuers, investors and interested third parties. These include:

        • Secure document custody
        • Web based pool trading data reports
        • Web-based pool payment analysis and pre-payment/liquidation
        • Historical pool payment and trading factor information
        • Early maturities report
        • New issues report

        Other Roles we play:

        • Custodian of documents and data relating to the pooled loans and issuers, on CMHC's behalf, for the life of the pools.
        • Title Custodian of mortgages.
        • Indenture Trustee for Canada Mortgage Bonds Program.
        • Custodian of the trust assets for Canada Housing Trust no. 1.



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