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        For many companies, the annual meeting is the single most important event of the year, defining your company's appearance in the eyes of investors, the industry and the media.

        However, adhering to ever-changing regulations, as well as the logistics and manpower involved to plan, administer and govern a meeting and vote can be a strain on your resources. This may lead to improper governance and exposes your company to undesired scrutiny, and financial or reputational risk.

        Our dedicated client service teams manage the complexities of planning for your meeting, including mailing of your proxy packages and helping to ensure you maintain good governance and meet important regulatory deadlines along the way.??

        Computershare's Meeting and Proxy Planning eGuide? offers you a complete tool box to plan all the critical details for meetings and mailings. 

        Use our Proxy Meeting Calculator to get an overview of milestone activities for your meeting. ?



        ?Getting the vote is crucial to the long-term viability of any organization conducting a meeting or vote for their stakeholder groups, including members, employees, customers, investors or creditors.

        Organizations with voting member bases can also take advantage of our meeting and voting services and expertise that comes from administering thousands of member and stakeholder meetings across Canada every year.?

        ? Communication and transparency
        ? Good governance
        ? Satisfied members
        ? Secure required votes

        Learn more about our Meeting Management and Voting Services for organizations with voting member bases??.?


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