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        Good corporate governance is important to Computershare and reflects the manner in which we conduct our business. 
        In accordance with the ASX Corporate Governance Council's Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations, set out below are certain documents associated with our governance and related standards within our organisation.


        Anti-Bribery and Corruption Policy  Download PDF
        Board Charter Download pdf???
        Code of Conduct? DOWNLOAD PDF
        Constitution of Computershare Limited? DOWNLOAD PDF
        Corporate Governance Statement FY2019 download pdf
        ASX Appendix 4G FY2019 - Key to Corporate Governance Disclosures?波一板 DOWNLOAD PDF
        Corporate Responsibility Policy? DOWNLOAD PDF
        Diversity and Inclusion Policy download pdf
        Market Disclosure Policy? DOWNLOAD PDF
        Nomination Committee Charter? DOWNLOAD PDF
        Human Resources and Remuneration Committee Charter? DOWNLOAD PDF
        Human Rights Policy? DOWNLOAD PDF
        ?Internal Audit Charter? DOWNLOAD PDF
        Risk and Audit Committee Charter? DOWNLOAD PDF
        Securities Trading Policy? DOWNLOAD PDF
        Shareholder Communication Policy? DOWNLOAD PDF
        Tax Transparency Report 2019 download pdf
        ?UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2019? download pdf
        Whistleblower Policy download PDF
        ?Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report 2020?DOWN?LOAD PDF