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Frequently Asked Questions



What is Quoners?

This site is devoted to debate and vote the issues that interests you; create your own polls and put them in your website.

It looks forward to enhance freedom of speech with education and sharing of ideas.

How can I vote in a poll?

First, you have to login (with your Google or Facebook account). Then, you just have to find the poll want to vote for and vote.

How can I create a poll?

To create any debate, first login and then just go to the create option in the top right menu and follow the instructions.

How can I link a poll in my site?

Create a poll, go to My Polls option on the top menu and click on the link to obtain the HTML code you have to insert in your website.

How can I send a poll to a friend?

Go to the poll you want to select and then click on the share sign of the poll.

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