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        Computershare > Corporate Trust Services > Successor Trustee

        Appoint an experienced, independent and "non-conflicted" successor indenture trustee that is well suited to serve under a qualifying trust indenture and exercise the rights and powers conferred by the indenture and the Trust Indenture Act of 1939.

        Computershare Trust Company, N.A. has extensive experience serving on official creditors’ committees in connection with various complex chapter 11 cases, such as:

        Sears Holdings Corporation
        iHeartMedia, Inc.
        Seadrill Limited
        Energy Future Holdings Corp.
        Alpha Natural Resources, Inc.
        AbitibiBowater Inc.
        Molycorp, Inc.


        We have extensive industry experience and offer comprehensive administrative services with successor trusteeships, default administration, bankruptcy and restructurings, and can meet your successor appointment, debt restructuring, and securities litigation needs through a variety of roles:

        • Successor / Separate Indenture Trustee
        • Distribution and Paying agent services, including Disbursing agent of cash and/or securities
        • Exchange and Tender Agent, Consent solicitations and tabulation services for debt and equity offerings
        • Serving as members of creditors' committees as an independent representative of bondholder interests in bankruptcy cases
        • Liquidating Trustee and Litigation Trustee Services for all types of entities

        Our experienced corporate trust officers are recognized for their knowledge in indenture administration, interpretation and application, as well as, the representation of bondholder and creditor interests in complex bond transactions.



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        Ben Lumley-Smith

        Ben Lumley-Smith is our Head of Corporate Trust Services in Asia. Ben holds a dual bachelor’s degree in Economics and Law and is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Banking (ACIB) in the UK.

        Prior to joining Computershare, Ben headed up Citibank and JP Morgan’s corporate trust business in Asia. With over 20 years of experience working in Asia, Ben has been instrumental in many high-profile capital market transactions across a variety of asset classes, structures and jurisdictions.

        P +852 3757 3658
        M +852 9251 8075