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        You need to be sure your share register stays up to date. That's exactly what we're here for. With us, you have the certainty of being able to access accurate shareholder records whenever you need them.

        We'll make your share registration simple. You can keep on top of shareholder activity online using our secure portal. And we'll take the pain away from regular activities such as distributing dividend payments, managing votes and general meetings, and handling shareholder enquiries.


        ?Maintaining your register of members, including updating and reconciling share capital

        ?Registering transfers (CREST and non-CREST) and reconciling CREST account movements

        ?Recording changes of address and dividend mandate instructions

        ?Recording probates and confirmations, Power of Attorney and other legal documents

        ?Full support for your AGM, including shareholder communications and proxy appointments

        ?Managing dividend distributions and dividend reinvestments

        ?Handling enquiries and questions from your shareholders

        ?Creating and distributing share certificates

        ?Administering other registers: Loan Notes, Dissenters, Corporate Sponsored  Nominees