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        Employee share plans often need a ready supply of shares for vestings. When it comes to delivering these shares, you have a number of choices which can include alloting new shares, using treasury shares or using shares held in an employee share plan trust.
        The amount of stock needed to satisfy plan vestings makes employee benefit trusts an attractive solution for the efficiency and independence they provide. With the absence of capital gains tax in Jersey, establishing an offshore employee share plan trust allows any accrual in the value of shares held in trust to be fully passed to the beneficiaries*.
        We are the largest share plan specialist Jersey trustee business. We support employee share plan trusts for hundreds of quoted and private companies around the world, including a significant number of the FTSE100.
        • 25 years’ experience providing trust administration and accounting services
        • A truly global service delivered from our independent business in Jersey
        • Expert people with in depth knowledge of employee benefit trusts and related best practice
        • No high risk private or corporate tax planning
        • High corporate governance standards, authorised and regulated by the Jersey Financial Services Commission
        *Other taxes may apply on trust assets depending on local tax advice applicable to the employee share plan trust. The beneficiary will be subject to all local tax and deductions that would apply on the total value of the assets received.