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        ?Working with a strategic partner we offer an electronic voting system that streamlines the voting process. Shareholders and delegates are provided with voting devices and smartcards at registration that link them with their voting rights. Votes are recorded instantly and results can be displayed live on-screen.

        The voting device is used throughout all of the AGMs we manage. Shareholders use the voting device to make their selection and see a confirmation of their vote directly on screen.




        With the Smartcard inserted into the voting device, the shareholder is able to vote. Unlike a show of hands, the vote is instantly recorded, improving shareholder perception through efficient use of modern technology, meaning the result is almost instantly available and fully auditable. A message on the voting device screen confirms that a vote has been cast. Split votes can also be actioned while a vote is taking place.

        The advanced voting system gives you full control over your AGMs/EGMs while shareholder and delegate involvement is fostered through direct polls in our accompanying software.

        Our fully electronic Voting Process offers your company:

        • An all-in-one solution which combines registration, the voting procedure and final reporting;
        • A fully transparent and controlled solution for shareholders, certificate holders and general clients;
        • Real-time, detailed reporting before, during and after your AGM/EGM.