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        Working at the Netherlands' office means being part of a challenging and dynamic team.
        Our location in Rotterdam is positioned in the city centre, overlooking the banks of the river Maas, from where we lead our operations throughout all parts of the Netherlands.

        We service most of the AEX and AMX companies in the Netherlands for Shareholder Meeting Services, Shareholder ID and Proxy Solicitation. With the expectation to meet our clients needs we operate from our Rotterdam and London office to service our clients in a timely manner. Together with our clients we develop a clear strategy to engage with their shareholders towards their upcoming AGM.

        Our clients are from a variety of business sectors, which means that we are expected to meet their needs relative to their specific line of work. Our job is not only to offer our services, but also to implement them in our clients' specific corporate governance environment. Meeting our clients with a flexible and effective mind-set is the goal of everyone in the office.?