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        Thanks for getting in touch. Use the menus below to quickly find the relevant contact details for your enquiry.?



        ?Shareholders, Employee Plan Members, Brokers and Share Dealing enquiries???


        Got a question? nba交易特例

        Update your account detailsnba交易特例

        • You can update your details online: log in? or register here. (Link opens in new tab)
        • ?To send us a form, browse our forms here?. (Link opens in new tab)

        Call usnba交易特例

        Email usnba交易特例

        • ?The easiest way to get instant support is to use our automated customer service tool, Ask Penny. If we cannot answer your question here, there will be an option to send us your query. (Link opens in new tab)

        Write to usnba交易特例


        ?nba交易特例By post???nba交易特例

        nba交易特例?Using our DX address nba交易特例

        (for Document Exchange users only)

        ?The Registrar
        Computershare Investor Services PLC
        The Pavilions
        Bridgwater Road
        BS99 6ZZ
        United Kingdom


        nba交易特例Call usnba交易特例

        • To help us connect you to the right team, please call the number listed on a recent statement or communication from us.
        • Alternatively, please call us on nba交易特例+44(0) 370 703 0065nba交易特例

        Email usnba交易特例

        Write to usnba交易特例


        nba交易特例?UK Enquiries?nba交易特例

        nba交易特例?European? Enquiriesnba交易特例

        ?Computershare Plan Managers
        The Pavilions
        Bridgwater Road
        BS99 6AP
        United Kingdom
        ?Computershare Plan Managers
        World Trade Center
        Edificio Este - 5? Planta
        Muelle de Barcelona

        Make a complaint relating to the Spanish Rules for the Protection of Customersnba交易特例


        ?Read our complaints h???andling procedure:nba交易特例

        nba交易特例?Read the ?Spanish Rules for the Protection of Customers:nba交易特例

        ?In ?English (Link opens in new tab)

        ?In English (Link opens in new tab)

        ?In Spanish (Link opens in new tab)

        ?In Spanish? (Link opens in new tab)?

        ?By phonenba交易特例

        • Our Broker and Nominee helpline number is +nba交易特例nba交易特例44 (0) ?906 999 0000nba交易特例. Please note that calls will be charged at a premium rate of ?1.02 per minute. Estimated average call duration is 3 minutes (up to a maximum of 30 minutes).

        Check investor information onlinenba交易特例
        • ?Log in to inSearc?h (Link opens in new tab)
        • Not registered? inSearch is a subscription service allowing you to check investor information before passing settlement instructions to us. nba交易特例Register now. (Link opens in new tab)

        Got a question? nba交易特例

        Looking for a form?nba交易特例
        • Browse and download our forms here? (Link opens in new tab)

        ?Call usnba交易特例
        • Call our helpline on nba交易特例+44 (0) 370 703 0143nba交易特例 (open 09:00 - 17:00 GMT)???

        Write to usnba交易特例

        British Government Stock (Gilts)
        Computershare Investor Services PLC
        The Pavilions
        Bridgwater Road
        BS99 6ZW
        United Kingdom?

        ?Call our customer service teamnba交易特例

        • 0370 703 0084 (UK callers)
        • +44 (0) 370 703 0084 (International callers)

        nba交易特例Opening hours:nba交易特例

        • Monday - Friday: 07:30 - 21:00 (GMT)
        • Saturday: 09:00 - 15:00 (GMT)


        nba交易特例Write to usnba交易特例
        Computershare Brokerage Services
        PO Box 2000
        HP21 8ZB

        Make a complaintnba交易特例
        • ?Read our complaints handling procedure here? (Link opens in new tab)

        We constantly strive to offer you the highest possible level of service, however there may be occasions when you feel you have cause for complaint. When a complaint arises we will endeavor to resolve it to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.

        You can contact us by:

        Writing to us:
        By PostUsing our DX address (For Document Exchange users only)
        Computershare Investor Services PLC
        Shareholder Relations
        The Pavilions
        Bridgewater Road
        BS99 6ZZ
        United Kingdom

        DX 78139

        nba交易特例Calling us:nba交易特例

        Tel: +44 (0) 370 702 0000

        nba交易特例Emailing us regarding a shareholding:nba交易特例
        Please use this form

        nba交易特例Emailing us regarding an employee share plan:nba交易特例
        Please use this form


        nba交易特例Our complaint handling processnba交易特例

        All complaints will be investigated and responded to by an employee of sufficient competence. This employee will not have been involved in the subject matter of the complaint. They will have sufficient authority (or have access to someone who has authority) to investigate the complaint and offer redress where appropriate.

        As a business standard we aim to issue a final response within five business days of receipt of a complaint. Where this is not possible, we will acknowledge the complaint within five business days, to confirm the complaint is being investigated. In the event a final response cannot be issued within four weeks, we will write to you advising on the progress of the investigation. If we cannot respond within eight weeks, we will write to you explaining why we are still unable to issue a final response and when we expect to reply.

        To view a copy of our Complaint Handling Procedures Leaflet please click here.

        ???Loan and mortgage servicing enquiries

        nba交易特例Call us??nba交易特例

        • ?Call our main switchboard on ?nba交易特例?0344 892 2596nba交易特例


        Corporate enquiries


        nba交易特例Listing a UK companynba交易特例
        • ?nba交易特例Cecilia Williamsnba交易特例
        • Phone: nba交易特例+44 (0) 370 889 0061 nba交易特例
        • Email Cecilia??
        nba交易特例Listing a non-UK companynba交易特例
        • nba交易特例Chris Guynba交易特例
        • Phone: nba交易特例+44 (0) 370 703 6025nba交易特例
        • Email Chris?

        • nba交易特例Stuart Baileynba交易特例
        • Phone: nba交易特例+44 (0) 370 702 6254nba交易特例
        • ?nba交易特例Ben Carpanininba交易特例
        • Phone: nba交易特例+44 (0) 370 703 0338nba交易特例
        • Email Ben?
        • ?nba交易特例Charles Hodgenba交易特例
        • Phone: nba交易特例+44 (0) 370 703 0114nba交易特例
        • Email Charles? 
        • nba交易特例John Christiannba交易特例
        • Phone: nba交易特例+44 (0) 370 702 0003 (x1268?)?nba交易特例
        • Email John?
        • nba交易特例?Business Development Team nba交易特例
        • Phone: nba交易特例+44 (0) 370 702 0003?nba交易特例 nba交易特例?(xnba交易特例nba交易特例?2036?)nba交易特例
        • Email
        nba交易特例Got a question?nba交易特例
        • If you're a shareholder or a private individual, the easiest way to get instant support is to use our automated customer service tool, Ask Penny. If we cannot answer your question there, there will be an option to send us your query. (Link opens in a new tab)

        nba交易特例Registry services – new business and sales enquiries onlynba交易特例

        • ?nba交易特例Cecilia Williamsnba交易特例
        • Phone: nba交易特例+44 (0) 370 889 0061 nba交易特例
        • Email Cecilia?
        ?Send us an email using our secure online form.


        ??Not sure who you need to speak to?


        Please give us a call on nba交易特例+44 (0) 370 702 0003 nba交易特例or browse our list of offices