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        ?Computershare Loan Services is the UK's largest third-party administrator of mortgages. As a result, we've helped thousands of people manage their finances better and overcome financial problems and reduce their debt.

        However, with over ?67 billion of loans under our management, we have seen first-hand that most financial difficulties begin a long time before we are able to help.

        We have seen that a better understanding of money and how to manage personal finances would help thousands of people avoid problems – or reduce them when they occur.

        We have also seen that timely and informed support can help people recover from difficulty more quickly and more permanently. 

        As a result, we have created a Charity Donations Fund to help support good causes that seek to address financial difficulty. 


        Every quarter we donate up to ?5,000 to worthy causes relating to financial difficulty. Our committee meets quarterly to review applications from charities and decide how best to allocate awards. The committee judges applicants against our submission criteria and evaluates how well each applicant best fulfils the aims of the Computershare Loan Services Charity Donations Fund.

        We welcome submissions from any charities focusing on issues related to financial difficulty. If you've been unsuccessful with a previous submission, please don't be discouraged – we'd love to hear from you again.

        In order to qualify for consideration in any quarter, you should apply before the closing date:

        QuarterOpen dateClose date
        Q41 August31 October
        Q11 Novermber31 January
        Q21 February30 April
        Q31 May31 July

         See more details about how to apply below.

         1997年We will not provide any funding for the following:1997年
        • General area improvements, without specific objectives reported
        • Marketing or promotion of a particular charity
        • Religious charities
        • Research projects
        • Charity attendance at events
        • Individuals
        • Office equipment (e.g. furnishings, electronics)
        • Travel and subsistence


        If you want to apply for funding from our Charity Donations Fund you must meet the following criteria:


        Does your charity meet our criteria? If so, please apply! You need to complete our online application form and attach it in an email to Yin.Chang-DArcy@computershare.com.

         Please note we expect to receive a high volume of requests throughout the year and therefore will not be able to respond to every application.