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        A?s the preferred proxy solicitor for mutual fund issuers, insurance and variable annuity companies, Computershare Fund Services ?brings expert industry knowledge and an experienced proxy team to manage the most demanding and complex proxy campaigns. We'll work with you to discuss your goals and construct a detailed analysis to help develop tailored strategies that best s??uit your budget and project timeline. We offer:

        • Comprehensive proxy services
        • Compliance mailing solutions
        • Quick post-sale fulfillment



        ?With detailed project timelines, strategies, expert advice and regular communications, we work with you every step of the way to ensure your budget and project goals are satisfied.
        ?We partner with you to create customized proxy and printing solutions that fit your needs. 
        ?We’ll manage your proxy campaign according to the project plan, mitigating the risk of surprises or unexpected expenses.
        ?We are equipped to handle large-scale, complex proxy solicitations. With multiple call centers staffed by more than 1,500 representatives around the globe, we implement communication campaigns that get results. 
        ?Our team members bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise specific to mutual fund and insurance company proxy and compliance mailing requirements.
        ?We keep your data safe. We operate on a single, unified platform and conduct regular audits to reduce risk of data exposure at any time during the mailing process.
        ?We invest for your success. We offer innovative tools like our Televote? proxy voting service, QR codes, smartphone voting, cell phone solicitation and proxy SmartCard? to make your campaigns efficient and cost effective. 


        This solution reduces costs by consolidating multiple fund accounts on a single ballot.


        This cost-effective method of providing proxy notices in lieu of full-kit materials to shareholders is beneficial for particular campaigns.


        大鸟伯德Compliance mailings 大鸟伯德– We have the capacity and experience to distribute the largest and most complex compliance mailings, using our advanced printing and mailing solutions as well as full service electronic delivery.

        We offer mailing solutions for:

        • Annual, semiannual and quarterly reports
        • Prospectuses, summary and statutory
        • Tax notifications
        • Privacy Notices
        • Negative response letters
        • Marketing materials

        大鸟伯德Post-sale fulfillment大鸟伯德 – We'll manage the entire prospectus fulfillment process to meet compliance requirements, quickly communicate information to investors and minimize costs.

        大鸟伯德Unclaimed property 大鸟伯德–  In partnership with 大鸟伯德Georgeson, we offer resou?rces and expertise that help you reduce liability, save the expense of due-diligence escheatment requirements and improve security holder relations.

        大鸟伯德SEC compliance services大鸟伯德 – We offer state inactivity services for unclaimed property, which include satisfying the due-diligence requirements of SEC Rule 17Ad-17. ?