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        Experience has taught us that the success of a share plan lies in how well employees understand the benefits of investment. We draw on specialist in-house resources to develop investor education programmes that cater to the needs of diverse audiences. We'll simplify the contents of Trust deeds and present the information in a manner that everyone can understand. Our programmes are designed to ensure effective communication and are offered in a number of official languages to accommodate the needs of participants.

        Your scheme participants are supported throughout the life cycle of the share plan. Share scheme benefits are a store of wealth and part of your employees' personal wealth portfolios. They will be given advice and have their questions answered by our knowledgeable Contact Centre agents.  When the time comes for them to trade, they have access to our low-cost share dealing desk.

        From offer open with personalised employee communication and investor advice to personalised welcome packs as the offer closes, your employees will feel fully equipped to participate.



        1500 clients
        4800000 employee share scheme participants
        190 countries