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        Streamline your business by outsourcing to us



        You gain advantage when you outsource your stockbroker back office to us. Knowledgeable and experienced staff, with the skill-base to cover the entire function, allow you to focus on your core business. If you select us as your CSD Participant and you outsource your back office to our Custody Service Provider , you will receive a competitive and cost-effective custody and settlement function. You will also have other opportunities to further streamline your business by outsourcing to us. 

        You can confidently leave your custody settlements, physical scrip and corporate event processing and the custody and settlement of your Kruger coins in our hands.  Daily bank reconciliations as we process your payments, receipts and journals will keep you informed every step of the way.



        Diversify your corporate investment strategies


        To maximise your investment earning capacity, put your inactive securities to work at our Securities Lending desk.  As well as playing an integral role in improving market efficiencies in the T+3 trading environment, you can reap the benefits of:

        • Earning fees from dormant assets
        • Having the right of recall at any time
        • Securities can still be traded
        • JSE settlement move to T3 will increase volumes and therefore revenue.

        The beneficial ownership of your shares remains unchanged, your entitlements continue to pass through, corporate actions and dividends are executed as usual and the securities loan is fully secure, with daily collateral top-up.




        T+3 Timelines



        Computershare Outsourcing Proprietary Limited is an approved Custody Services Provider regulated by the JSE Limited